Our leather


SLG Design love "Leather"

Generally leather is divided into 2 types depending on tanning process.

- Vegetable leather

It is tanned with natural sources such as tannins. It actually improves with age and develops a patina.
This is one of the characteristics of vegetable leather which is called as “aging” - Traces of user’s life!

- Chrome leather

It is processed with chromium sulfate.
Its process is much quicker and it has great color formation.
We select well both leathers according to each design.
Let me introduce leather for SLG Design. 
D+ Italian Carbon leather
It is coated with carbon pattern film pressed on cowhide.
Carbon pattern makes feel special and it has scratch-resistant durability.
D3 Italian Lizard leather
It is imprinted Lizard pattern on cowhide and dyed the leather by hands of craftsman to express like Lizard skin itself.
Natural 2-tone color gradation is one of signature for this leather. 

D5 Calf Skin leather
Calfskin means leather comes from less than 2 years old cow.
There is no special pattern but it looks classic and beautiful glossy makes people falling in love D5 Series for a long time.
D6 Italian Minerva Box leather
It comes from  tannery with good reputation belongs to ‘Vera Pelle’ in Italy.
It is processed milling type with vegetable tannins and has a natural embossed on the surface.
As much as use it, leather color becomes deeper and has patina over the time. 
D7 Italian Buttero leather
It comes from tannery with good reputation belongs to ‘Vera Pelle’ in Italy.
It is made of 100% of French cowhide and is tanned with vegetable tannins as well.
It seems like matt texture but the more you use it, it becomes quiet glossy and soft.
D7 Italian Wax leather
It comes from tannery with good reputation belongs to ‘Vera Pelle’ in Italy.
It has been tanned exclusively with natural tannins and wax is interfused to finish the leather.
Each leathers have different own pattern. As time goes by color will be getting deeper and darker.  
If you fold the leather, it looks brighter because original color of leather appears on the surface. 
Harris Tweed
Harris Tweed is made of wool from Harris Island in Scotland and this is durability with various colors and pattern.
It is used natural materials including moss and seaweed that could be collected in the island, in the dyeing process by hand in local craftsmen.
It has been loved around the world through collaboration with famous brands.