D5 [MagSafe] Calf Skin Leather Case for iPhone 15 Pro (Craie)


The D5 Calf Skin leather, a signature of SLG, has been revived. Originally discontinued after the iPhone 10 launch, it returned in 2023 in the form of a basic case, departing from its previous wallet-type design. The relaunch introduces new colors and designs, providing a fresh and updated aesthetic.


  • [Exclusively Designed for iPhone 15 Pro (6.1", 2023 Release)] Ensure compatibility by verifying your phone model before placing an order.

  • [Luxurious Calf Skin Leather] Crafted from high-quality top layer calf skin leather sourced from Chicago, USA. The water-repellent coating adds waterproof functionality, safeguarding against coffee and beverage spills.

  • [Full Body Cover with Soft Suede Inner Surface] Enjoy comprehensive protection with a full-body cover, while the inner surface, made of soft suede, adds a touch of comfort.

  • [Powerful MagSafe Compatibility] The Magsafe product features a robust magnet, ensuring strong compatibility with various MagSafe products.

  • [Enhanced Camera Protection and Luxury Design] The matte black camera holeand button not only provide protection for the camera but also contribute to an overall luxurious aesthetic.

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