D7 [MagSafe Detachable] Italian Wax Leather Diary Case for iPhone 15 Plus (Red)


"Wax Leather", produced using a special vegetable leather milling method from the Italian tannery "Badalassi Carlo", impregnates the inside of the leather with wax to create a variety of patterns and allows you to feel the deeper color of the leather over time, and comes in a bright knitted and dark brown. The edge finish gives you the authentic visual look of leather products.


  • 2 in 1 detachable TPU case (MagSafe function)

  • Can hold 3 to 5 cards and bills.

  • 3 different seasonal colors are available.

  • The black TPU case increases safety with its thickness.

  • This is a leather product that does not get dirty easily and is water-resistant.

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